Being in contact with art and artists in our day-to-day  is one of the things we love about Wynwood.


Stefano Alcantara was born and raised in Lima, Perú. His education began with a degree in Graphic Design at the Peruvian  Institute of Advertising. He also took painting classes and was influenced by comic books when he was a child. His love for drawing translated in various media, including airbrushing, color pencils, charcoal, acrylics and oil. He was introduced to the world of tattooing at age 18 by the first tattoo magazine he ever saw, found at a flea market in Perú. His fascination with the art turned into a career; he opened his own shop, Stefano´s Tattoo Studio, in 1999 and it is still in business today.


My name is Gabriela Jaxon, I am a Peruvian born visual artist, painter, and collage artist. I was born and raised in a working-class, crime-driven neighborhood in Chorrillos, a district of Lima, where I was given countless sketchbooks, to encourage creativity but most importantly to keep me out of harm’s way. When I was 8, my family and I had to separate to immigrate to Florida in pursuit of the “American Dream.” I adapted, learned the language, and exceeded academic expectations within the first year, which helped place me in advanced classes and earned me acceptance to every college I applied to. 
My work explores feminism and social freedom through contemporary society’s distorted notions and prejudices of what a woman is expected to be or not to be, while depicting a variety of cultural elements and fluctuating emotional ambiguities. Imbuing a glimpse of my own colorful South American roots, society’s shared consciousness and conflicts of identity through thought-provoking & vibrant paintings of strong & mystical women, I want my audience to feel a sense of strength, courage, and self-acceptance while viewing my work and to be mindful of the silent wars women are fighting.


Claudio Roncoli was born in Buenos Aires, 1971. He is Professor of Drawing and Painting graduate of the National School of Fine Arts Prilidiano Pueyrredón” (1995). Attended workshops in Argentina Andrea Moccio and Miguel Lescano in Peru. By his own definition is primarily: an interventionist.  Claudio Roncoli inspired by images that were part of popular culture during the 50, 60 and 70 which then redefines the artist.
In his latest creations, incorporates elements of advertising, cartoon, graphic design and collage, weaving them with resources such as imaging or re-photograph. Using a special technique and without abandoning his wry humor and scathing, through what he calls the “constant balance of life”, the juxtaposition of images and bright colors using the viewer moves to a “brave new world”.
He has had numerous group and solo exhibitions locally and internationally and has participated in Scope Miami, ArteBA, Just Mad MIA, ArtBo and various cultural centers and museums. Brands like Hermes, Toyota, Boomerang TV, Mini Cooper, Absolut Vodka and Levi’s trusted Claudio creativity to embellish their brands.


Soy un artista plástico que ha reinventado el color azul creando un concepto único basado en la abstracción y minimalismo. Hago obra grafica , fotografía intervenida , diseño y joyería. Mi primer libro azul sobre mi pintura fue publicado en el 2006, actualmente trabajo en una trilogía llamada 100% Blue de la cual el primer libro llamado Whites se publico en abril del 2011, el arte es Vida , es crear , descubrir nuevos caminos de expresión , ser diferente.
Busco trascender a través de el dejando una huella en este paso por el mundo. Pintar, hacer fotografía y escribir es mi lenguaje. Ante todo hago un tributo a la libertad. Busco alejarme de lo teórico, de las técnicas establecidas incluso del propio oficio que nos hace repetir y repetir siempre lo mismo.