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Peru to Tango
Check Out Wynwood’s First Peruvian Spot

The Dolphins parted with Philbin and Coyle.

People are canoeing down Indian Creek Drive.

Wynwood finally has a Peruvian joint.

Crazy week, people.

And about that Peruvian joint—it’s GK Bistronomie, a crucial new seafood development with offbeat takes on Peruvian staples like cherrywood-smoked shrimp ceviche and peppercorn-infused pisco, open as of today. (Here’s what she looks like.)

It’s a polished, industrial-looking hall of exposed ducts set against a jet-black ceiling with white pine tables dotting the space. Oh, and there’s a massive octopus mural scaling a back wall. As octopi are wont to do.

Before art walk. Or at some crucial refueling point during this weekend’s III Points festival. That’s when you’ll drop in and grab a seat at one of the stools set in front of the wide-open kitchen for some not-so-traditional Peruvian things. Like tuna foie gras. Or cherrywood-smoked shrimp ceviche with popcorn. Or pisco-cured salmon.

Or maybe you’d prefer your pisco in a glass. If so, the four-seat black granite bar outside has you covered with pisco that’s been infused with stuff like peppercorn, lime and coco verde tea.

Pisco favors the bold.

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