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I imagine when one gets to heaven there is likely to be a small welcoming party. Nothing elaborate, mind you – perhaps a house cocktail, a few passed hors d’oeuvres (and some harp music of course). But the little bites will be heavenly, like maybe the small, foie gras-onion marmalade-Campari empanadas that are on the menu at the exquisite GK Bistronomie– which is due to open in Wynwood next week.

I further envision myself biting into the empanada and immediately finding myself in hell – remember, I said “foie gras”– in which case I will have an eternity to spend down there debating whether or not it was worth it. Being a realist, I’m figuring there’ll be days when I say yes, and other times when I won’t be so sure.

Disclosure: My wife is involved with the restaurant. So rather than go on and on about how Executive Chef Rafael Perez Cambana, a native of Lima, Peru, is ferociously talented and was in charge of the Little Palm Island Resort and Spa in Little Torch Key when it was rated the best restaurant in Florida by Zagat (and 3rd best in the U.S.), and that Chef de Cuisine Leo Amado provides inspired backup, and how the General Manager, the legendary Gary Sanon-Jules, runs a dining room the way Leonard Bernstein conducted an orchestra, and note that the Pisco Bar with ace mixologist Jossimar Lujan-Bernaola is breaking out all sorts of new ideas, and how wonderful my meal (and cocktails) were at this seafood-inspired Peruvian restaurant…where was I? Oh, right, rather than go on and on I’ll wait and let the other local food writers and bloggers rave about the place. And they will. But you might want to keep GK Bistronomie in mind for next week: It’s located at 218 NW 25th Street (across the street from Warby Parker, which sells fancy eyewear). Phone:786-477-5151.

Photos coming soon!

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