GK Bistronomie

So I head to Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood to check out GK Bistronomie, and I’m chatting with Chef Rafael Perez Cambana and casually ask what the GK stands for. He explains that the letter G, number 7 in numerology, and K, number 11, are numerology’s two luckiest numbers and together (7-11) they represent the beginning of something great. I’d say GK Bistronomie is a great name for this restaurant.

Just when I thought I was over Peruvian food GKB changed my mind. Sure the menu is Peruvian influenced but everything is prepared with a modern twist. Take the Parmesan Tiradito ($15) it’s grouper, topped with a delicious crispy piece of parmigiano reggiano cheese. The Classic Peruvian Ceviche ($17) with corvina, sweet potato and Peruvian corn isn’t tossed together but instead assembled with the ingredients in a circle. Foie gras empanadas ($25) are sweet and savory and the calamari ($15) has a super spicy kick. The tempura vegetables and red curry are perfection.

GK Bistronomie is sophisticated and sleek space with a really cool outdoor bar area. Stop by for a handcrafted Pisco cocktail but stick around for the food the star of the show.

Belkys Best Bite: Parmesan Tiradito

GK Bistronomie
218 NW 25 St.
Miami, FL 33127
(786) 477 5151

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