What Miami’s Notable Chefs are Cooking at Home?

Dining out is always a good idea, but sometimes you just can’t say no to a delicious home-cooked meal. Here, we spoke with some of Miami’s best toques to find out what they like to cook up when they’re off the clock.


Pascal Oudin: A French Family-Style Feast


“I love to make bone-in rib eye on the grill with cauliflower au gratin and a selection of Maille mustards. We usually have a petit salad with micro green and mesclun, and cheese—French family style with fig and almond tart and crusty country bread, flan caramel, and of course, a bottle of good Medoc. What can I say, I’m French!” —Pascal Oudin, chef & restaurateur of Pascal’s on Ponce &Brasserie Central


Julia Doyne: New York Strip Steak


“Despite the many, many steaks I cook at The Forge, my favorite meal to cook at home is a New York Strip with pickled vegetables and a huge salad inspired by whatever caught my eye at the grocery store that day.” —Julia Doyne, executive chef at The Forge


Aaron Brooks: Slow-Cooked Seafood


“East Coast seafood slow cooked with chick peas, chorizo, tomato, and dry sherry served with a salad of arugula and fennel, and garlic aioli. When I cook at home, I like to make one pot dishes. I find by slow cooking everything together tends to help flavors develop harmoniously and work off each other. It doesn’t hurt with the clean up either! I really love heading down to Casablanca’s on my day off to see what great seafood they have at the market. Stewing the mussels, snapper, and other goodies together is a great way of cooking seafood.” —Aaron Brooks, executive chef at EDGE Steak & Bar at Four Seasons Hotel Miami


Michael Schwartz: Margherita Pizza


“The perfect margherita pizza! We have this new Lynx Napoli pizza oven outside by the pool so we’ve been putting it to good use when the weather has behaved!” —Michael Schwartz, chef & restaurateur of Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink, Cypress Tavern, Harry’s Pizzeria, ella


Timon Balloo: Vietnamese Pho


“One of my favorite dishes to cook to home is Vietnamese pho, as we are huge fans of noodles in our house. We love the richness of the aromatic broth and having the kids pick herbs to garnish from the garden.” —Timon Balloo, executive chef & partner at SUGARCANE raw bar grill


Peter Boulukos: Freshly-Caught Fish Filet


“My favorite meal to prepare at home would have to be when I’m fortunate enough to cook a fresh-caught fish from a day-off fishing trip. A simple seared filet with lemon, herb and excellent olive oil. It’s always special harvesting and preparing your own catch! My preferred species to prepare and eat would have to be mangrove snapper, African pompano, triple tail, and grouper.” —Peter Boulukos, executive chef & co-founder of The Restaurant People


Jose Mendin: Arroz Mamposteao & Fricase de Pollo


“When I am at home, I really enjoy preparing traditional Puerto Rican dishes like the dishes my mom would prepare for me growing up. Some of my favorites are arroz mamposteao and fricase de pollo.” —Jose Mendin, culinary director at Pubbelly Restaurant Group


Rafael Perez Cambana: Braised Lamb Shanks with Chicha de Jora


“Although I spend almost every day cooking in my restaurant, I still enjoy coming home and cooking. One of my favorite dishes to prepare is braised lamb shanks with chicha de jora (moon shine sauce), it’s a great family dish. I recommend serving it with salsa criolla (onion salsa), rice, and navy beans.” —Rafael Perez Cambana, executive chef at GK Bistronomie

Jeff McInnis & Janine Booth: Quinoa with Kale, Eggplant, Carrots & Hazelnuts


“Janine and I have been eating really healthy lately. We usually make a large batch of chick peas and quinoa. We keep eggs, kale and other greens readily available. Janine is still addicted to Sriracha as well. So, a normal quick fix ‘what I made her for lunch today’ was: quinoa, kale and roasted eggplant with honey roasted carrots and hazelnuts.” —Jeff McInnis on behalf of himself & Janine Booth, executive chefs at Sarsaparilla Club

Phil Bryant: Chicken & Dumplings Soup


“When I have the whole day, nothing is more comforting than soup. For me particularly, I love chicken and dumplings. Something about the process is very calming: transforming a whole chicken to broth and tender-pulled meat, then making it into a rich soup with whatever vegetables I fancy. Even watching the dumplings rise and push the lid of the pot; it’s comfort.” —Phil Bryant, executive chef at The Local Craft Food & Drink


Makoto Okuwa: Traditional Japanese Food


“Usually, it’s something very simple and home-style but super delicious, like homemade noodles and pasta, dumplings, or seafood. In Japan, my grandmother taught me how to cook when I was very young, so the basic elements of a lot of my dishes are quite traditional. But at the same time, I’m constantly inspired by the environment, travel, and my colleagues, and I like to play around with different inspirations at home.” —Makoto Okuwa, chef & owner at Makoto


Michael Lewis: Lamb-Based Dishes


“Firing up the barbecue gives me an excuse to enjoy my backyard, the wonderful weather here in South Florida, and spend some time with my amazing dog, Bacon. Lamb seems to be my go-to guy at home, not because it’s my favorite necessarily, though I do love it. Lamb is one of the few meats available at our deprived local grocery stores that doesn’t always suck—not to mention that it cooks quickly and takes any flavor you can throw at it. [But it] could be Japanese one day, Spanish/Mediterranean another, and French yet another.” —Michael Lewis, executive chef at KYU


Dustin Atoigue: Chamorro Food


“I was born and grew up in Guam, and I like to cook traditional Chamorro food because it reminds me of home. Some of my favorite dishes to cook in particular are fried rice and eggs, and oxtail soup with island root vegetables and coconut milk.” —Dustin Atoigue, executive chef at Mondrian South Beach


Sonia Kotb: Spaghetti Bolognese


“My kids have always enjoyed my spaghetti Bolognese. I cook it with carrots and celery to add depth and red wine to enhance the beef flavor. This is one of my favorite dishes to cook at home.” —Sonia Kotb, executive chef at Mina’s Mediterraneo


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